Having your ideas come to life is quite satisfying or it can be quite the let down, sometimes ideas fail completely and your left with a pile of something that just didn't quite turn out the way you hoped. However, sometimes those ideas are exactly what you had hoped they would be and those are such a delight. That is the case with a soap I made yesterday. I have a few hours into this one, first making individual crystals one by one by hand pouring into a single mold and curing. Compiling those small embeds together waiting to make a cold process soap that I would then use on the top of what I hoped would be a spectacular display. It is not quite as perfect as I wished for but the final result is pleasing and I believe in time I could make this an even better display of glittery gold bling. 

You will come to know that I love bling, rocks and making soap.  What could be better than a blingy rock made into soap. Soap makers love making soap after things that inspire their creativity. February is the month of love and also the birthstone for February is Amethyst, one of my personal favorite crystals. I just couldn't help myself, I had to create a soap based upon the amethyst. Overall I am pleased with it. 

After doing the amethyst soap, the other beer soap, Clean & Stout, even though it is one of my more popular, Montana Series soaps, just felt plain and simple. 

Clean & Stout is just a all natural, no added color,  soap made as down to earth and natural as they come. It is a venison tallow soap and by no means should it be outshined by any blingy soap. It is made with pure essential oil blend and is claimed by its users to be one of the best soaps they have used. The beer is a local IPA made right here close to my home and is a dark beer I selected based on the hops they use, seven different hops. They call it a hop monster of a beer. Now that is something I wanted in my soap, the qualities of this beer for the skin have got to be good!  I do love its lather and feel. Venison tallow or maybe its the beer, I am not sure which, creates a wonderful soap that just has a different feel from the beef tallow soaps, it lathers slightly different and the creamy lather is creamier than my other soaps. So though I do like bling, I still have to take some enjoyment out of this plain looking down to earth, plain Jane soap.