The house is smelling so good tonight, I cut the Strawberries and Cream soap. I am surprised, I thought this was going to be a failure. I did a melt and pour swirl, something I saw another soaper do only she did it with a warm soap batter and without thinking mine was a very cool milk soap. When the melt and pour went in it was solid very quickly and when I tried to swirl it was a big lump in there. I was sure I had messed the whole thing up. But I finished it up anyway and tonight I cut it. It looks like rich strawberry ice cream inside. I love it!    Strawberry and Cream soap is a milk soap, meaning it is made with milk instead of water or aloe vera juice. Milk soaps are creamy and nice on the skin and offers more moisturizing qualities due to the fat content. The higher the fat in the milk the more moisturizer it adds. The scent, of course, is strawberry hence the name. I think this will be a lovely soap both to look at as well as to wash with.  I am still waiting on those molds I ordered. I am really upset that they have yet to be shipped and have filed a claim with the company. Three weeks and they have not shipped yet. I do not think I will be recommending them to anyone in the future. If I can cancel that order I will be looking to try and get some molds as soon as I can so that my soaps are more uniform in size rather than this two different sizes and shapes. It is really slowing the packaging process down.  

  After cutting the soap it was time to whip up a big batch of the Huckleberry bath bombs! That always fills the whole house with the aroma of sweet huckleberry that lingers for hours afterwards. I just love it. No pictures of those tonight. But you will find the huckleberry bath bombs available on the website again if that is something, you are interested in.