Making beautiful soap and body products with natural ingredients that are healthier for you and the environment, that you will love.

Welcome to Mellen Patch Soaps, my name is Angie and I am the owner and creator of the products you see here.

I live in the mountains of Western Montana and we have very long winters. Soap making is just one of the things I learned to keep myself busy and it grew from there into something I love and others love as well. I make everything myself, with care and thought. I use these products in my own home and am consciously aware of what not only goes on my body but into our environment. I will be adding products and different soaps as I have lots of ideas to bring to life. 

Soap making is an expression of art to me, funtional art. I am a cake decorator for over 35 years and soap making is just another way to use some of that same creativity in a different form.I specialize in soaps made with tallow, rendering the tallows myself. Tallow is substainable and going even further it helps to keep waste out of our enviornment. I love the ways of old, I always have, from canning and trying to be self suffient. Soap making from hand rendered tallow is following that tradition.

Mellen Patch Soaps mission is to be and be recognized as a quality artisan soap and personal care products company, offering healthier products for the body and environment. I love my products and constantly work to make new healthier products to bring to my own home and yours. Making natural products, your skin will love. 

Items include handmade soaps, bath bombs and personal care items, candles, handcrafted, unique and one a kind jewelry items. If you have any questions please contact me.

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