Welcome to the Gallery of Mellen Patch Soaps, here you will find some of the soaps that have come and gone and may come again or not. Each batch of soap is a work of art so to say, being handmade it is extremely hard to duplicate from one batch to the next. So even though the recipe might be the same, the pour,  amount of color used or even the tempature of the room can change the look. Enjoy

Strawberries & Cream

River Runs By

Lemon Meringue


Bonfire-scented in a smokey fragrance

A custom order

Neon Nights

Our own Unicorns

Strawberries & Cream

Cupcake Delights

Love Ya Latte January 2021

Amethyst Tranquility My first gem stone soap. premiered February 2021

Our New Logo 2021

Legal imprint