Yesterday was a big soaping day, three batches, I was aiming for four by I settled for three as I tired out. But perhaps today will see a batch or two accomplished.

My 5 lb molds have not yet arrived, actually I can't even see that they have shipped and the communication with the Etsy seller has not been ideal. I am trying to be patient as I ordered on Christmas day and it is holiday season but I must say I am disappointed to say the least. If one is on vacation during the holiday season, their shop should reflect as such. His did not, as well he clearly states he ships same day or next business day. I anticipated that the molds would ship out on the 28th of December. I have no control and I can not wait for the molds to arrive so I am having to use the old mismatched set. They have done me this far so they shall continue to work for me though not ideal. 

Today I cut the batches from yesterday and was pleased with the turn out. The Huckleberry Heaven color was slightly off from last batch but that is to be expected as it is hard to get the exact amount of mica each and every remake. The contrasting colors are slightly more vibrate than the first batch so with that I am happy. 

The Peony Suede swirl was another wonderful  success. I am now converted to soaping at room temperatures for swirl design soaps. Peony Suede is one of my personal favorites, it is such a soft and subtle fragrance, not too floral. I am still not sold on the russian floral tips I used for piping, I may change them next time, though that is what I thought after the first try. 

A photagrapher I am not, that is something I will have to improve upon for both product and webpage. Fortunately my husband purchased me a light box for photo shooting my products for Christmas, so once these are cleaned up, cured and ready for sale, I shall get much better pictures. For now, you at least get the idea and I will try to get better at my pictures and perhaps invest in a better camera instead of my phone for the blog photos but that will need to come a little later. There are so many needs and wants at the moment, I can barely keep up with them all.